How Counseling Helps in Breaking the Chains of Drug Addiction?

Drug addiction now days most common problem among the youth. To deal with the situation many programs are in action to get the addicts on right track. There are many freedom from addiction reviews showing how drug rehab centers have assisted the addicts in attaining a sober lifestyle. Physical dependence on drugs is not as dangerous as Opioid addiction. Even after detox, when physical dependence is cured, addicts are usually at high risk for relapse. Social and psychological factors always act as a powerful stimulus for prescription drug abuse relapse:

  • Stress, especially sudden life stresses

  • Hidden hints in the environment, like to visit a neighborhood

  • Social networks, such as spending time with friends who continue to use drugs

These factors can result in irresistible urge to use drugs. Prescription drug abuse counseling helps addicts prevent craving and also help them to learn to cope with life, without using drugs.


There are various counseling therapies which are available for prescription drug abuse, but no single method is known to be the best. The right drug abuse treatment plan is employed to a person’s addiction and on the basis of his or her individual needs. Many freedom from addiction aurora doctors are expert in counseling and conducting therapies.

  • Group vs. Individual Therapy

Each counseling therapy for drug abuse treatment is better in its own way. However, group therapy is usually preferred over individual therapy. In group therapy, an addicted person is more likely to be both supported and challenged by his peers who are also going through drug rehab. A twelve-step programs like Narcotics Anonymous are the most popular group therapy organizations.

Whereas, individual therapy can be helpful in the case where the individual is suffering from co-existing depression, bipolar disorder, or any mental health condition that requires treatment in its own way, separate from the opioid addiction.

  • Residential vs. Outpatient Treatment

In residential therapy, the addicted person is allowed to temporarily escape the environment which allowed him or her to use drugs. A person is provided with specialized facility for a period of weeks to months. Residential drug abuse treatment programs are costly, usually costing tens of thousands of dollars.

In Outpatient programs, treatment are the usual settings for the ongoing instructed drug abuse treatment.

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

In Cognitive behavioral therapy a person is taught how to recognize thoughts, moods and situations which result in drug craving. A therapist assists the person on how to avoid these triggers, and convert negative thoughts and feelings into the ones which are healthier.

The skills which an individual learned in cognitive behavioural therapy can last for a lifetime, as it is a potentially powerful method of drug abuse treatment. But, not all therapists are trained in cognitive behavioural therapy techniques due to its complexity. Therapies and various treatment programs are employed on the basis of the individual mental condition and on the basis of his/her needs.

“Freedom Addiction” is one of the leading recovery homes for drug addicts. Our experienced and skilled doctors offer excellent services and facilities for drug addicts. We render counseling sessions and various therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy, medical detox etc helping addicts getting out of their agony.


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