How Can Emotional Recovery Help In Getting Freedom From Addiction Of Drugs ?

One of the major reasons why people rely on drugs is emotional issues. Emotional recovery is the internal part of a recovery program. In this the emotional issues are dug to find the root cause of addiction. According to the various proficient counselors of drug addiction help aurora industries, person centered therapy is the essential step for the recovery of the patient emotionally. It is prominent for the person to deal with their emotions so that they don’t dazed out emotional issues through drugs.

If the addiction is not out of emotional factor, they won’t continue for a long period. With the help of numerous freedom from addiction reviews, the doctors concluded that the addiction may stem from undissolved trauma that may encompass sexual, emotional, psychological, physical abuse. All this may lead to post-traumatic stress disorder. Personal or group counseling can help the patient in a positive way.

Discover Your Inner Side

It’s important to be yourself, knowing your own desires, likes or dislikes, having your own beliefs and rules, eating food of your own choice, doing activities that you want to do, hanging out with your friends to your favorite place. This all will help in exploring your new side.

Love Others And Being Loved By Others

Being loved and loving others are two instincts of human nature. The person feels more happy, satisfied, live a longer life in a meaningful way. It is important on the emotional front to involve others in their daily plans.

AddictionHave Control Over Your Mind

One of the root causes of distress is the negative thoughts that keep on coming into our mind. Thinking about something that do not provide any positive thing is equal to serving distress to yourself. Someone who can control your thought is you.

Leave Your Past Behind

It is essential to realize your past mistakes and not to repeat them in future. Anxious sweat, nightmare, sudden sadness or anger are some common reactions due to distress from the past. We must try to move on in our life.

Deal With Circumstances

Circumstance affects our behavior and life in a major way. Emotional, relationship, professional and health circumstances matter a lot. Some situations are beyond our control and some in control. One can take steps that can help in improving the circumstances like reduce the intake of calories, divorce, change our careers. We tend to feel emotionally better by improving the situation.

Freedom From Addiction” is a rehab center that helps in detoxing clients from methadone and suboxone dependency. There are programs like emotional recovery, care program, residential treatment and group counseling. Recovery begins when you realize your inner core problems and strength, our experts can help you in doing so.


Freedom Addiction Aurora Hits CTS TV

Freedom from Addiction drug and alcohol rehab centre expert counsellors appear regularly on CTS TV’s Living Clean, Living Well on Sundays

Freedom from Addiction says “Mayor Rob Ford needs a break from running Toronto, Canada’s key city- a break on us.”

Freedom from Addiction says “Mayor Rob Ford needs a break from running Toronto, Canada’s key city- a break on us.”

“According to media reports, Mayor Rob Ford has expressed over time that he has had issues with substance abuse and other issues.”

“We respect all politicians for the hard work they do. We think in Mayor Ford’s case, we would be able to alleviate some of the severe pressures that come with public life and leadership roles such as running one of North America’s biggest economic hubs and cities.”

Freedom from Addiction, one of Canada’s emerging drug and alcohol addiction recovery centres, has Amade a statement on the Mayor Rob Ford ongoing saga. From appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, being alluded to on TV’s Saturday Night Live, to running for a second term, and running a City, Mayor Ford has had significant work to do.

Freedom wants to sign the Toronto mayor as a client for their centre – and is offering to do it for him. Freedom has contacted the Mayor’s office and provided the Mayor.

“Freedom Centre is the home to people who need a fresh start, and a break from their hard lives imposed by others. Mayor Ford has run the city like a business, while admitting to personal hard hitting experiences and issues.”

Freedom writes to Health Minister (LHIN consideration)

April 24, 2014
Freedom from Addiction
33 Victoria Street
Aurora, ON L4G1R1

The Honourable Deb Matthews, MPP
Minister of Health and Long Term Care
Queen’s Park – MOHLTC
Toronto, ON M7A 1Z1

RE: Central Local Health Integration Network – Consideration as a LHIN Health Service Provider and publicly-funded community partner

Dear Minister Matthews:

We are writing in care of Freedom from Addiction in York Region, one of Ontario’s premier and innovative private drug and alcohol addiction recovery and residential treatment centres, and a Voice for Drug and Alcohol Addiction related advocacy.

One of the only methadone detox centres in Canada, with 20 in-patient beds and 7 detox beds, Freedom’s beautiful 15,000 square foot Aurora home and premises possesses a vast base which captures those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction in the Province of Ontario and Greater Toronto Area.

Drugs and alcohol addiction is an agent in lost productivity for various sectors and their businesses, and the underlying unseen reasons of this disease, which include trauma and mental illness, need to be better understood and promoted through those working in recovery. In Ontario the annual cost of alcohol-related health care, law enforcement, corrections, lost productivity, and other problems is estimated to be $5.3 billion.

After consultation within Toronto and the GTA with stakeholders, families, clients, and community partners,, Freedom from Addiction wishes to briefly address some topics and request a meeting with you, your offices, and respective units and divisions within the Ontario Public Service at the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care.
For example, as a privately run residential treatment centre, we offer the very best on site presently privately-funded residential treatment to the GTA community, regardless of age, gender, and profession.

We are writing to discuss applying for LHIN- status in order to better serve all those suffering from drug and alcohol addictions. We wish to be considered as a Central LHIN health service provider and publicly-funded partner – as the LHIN does not have a current actual application or RFP application procedure.

We want to provide helpful treatment to those whose families or employers cannot bare significant wait times elsewhere and cannot financially afford full programs costs. As a LHIN health service provider, our goal would be to help people suffering from addiction by setting aside a percentage of beds to be partially covered under a LHIN and/or OHIP-funded coverage system.

In addition, Freedom, which now houses an in-house public policy department, wishes to request further increased funding for in-house and external awareness programs and research in drugs and addiction – for employers, youth, adults, families and individuals. There is Stigma involved with this disease, and there needs to be appropriately increased funding and programming for research to support it, and spread awareness across the province.

Freedom from Addiction looks forward to speaking with you, your office, and specific divisions and units within the OPS at MOHLTC about our plight to move forward together on helping us help those in need. We can be reached at 905-503-3733 through Frank Belluardo in our public policy and PR department.

Yours sincerely,

Mandeep Sandhu Frank Belluardo Franco Lupo
Managing Director Manager, Public Policy Executive Director

CC. The Friends of Freedom community

Dr. Helena Jaczek, MPP & Parliamentary Assistant, Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term

Frank Klees, MPP Newmarket Aurora

France Gelinas, NDP Critic for Health and Long Term Care

Christine Elliott, PC Critic for Health and Long Term Care

John Langs, Chairman of the Board, Central LHIN

Ultimate Warrior, WWE Hall of Famer, passes away.

Ultimate Warrior, WWE Hall of Famer, passes away.

Just inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame on the weekend, with a return on TV on Monday, Ultimate Warrior passes away with hours. Our condolescences to his family.

Warrior’s cause of death is unknown, but it brings to mind the various deaths and struggles related by his contemporaries and other pro athletes, such as Eddie Guerrero, Big Boss Man, Miss Elizabeth and many others. No one is immune to addiction as a disease. Our sympathies.

Robert Downey Jr. – Iron Man’s struggles with Addiction

Robert Downey Jr. - Iron Man's struggles with Addiction

Robert Downey Jr., Hollywood A List actor, and Iron Man to many, has had several tumultuous years battling drug and alcohol addiction. He is a hero to many and has since overcome the disease. Since getting sober, he has had smash hits, as Stark in Iron Man, and the sky is the limit!!!


Freedom from Addiction submits Budget Submission to Ontario Finance Minister

Freedom from Addiction has submitted a Budget Submission to the Ontario Minister of Finance.

Freedom has expressed various concerns and issues for 2014’s Provincial Budget.

Freedom looks forward to working with the Minister of Finance and Minister of Health to review these options.

Click Freedom Centre Budget Submission 2014 to view the in-depth Submission.

For questions, and to get involved with Freedom from Addiction’s public policy committee,

please contact Frank Belluardo, Manager of PR, Marketing and Public Policy: