Get to Know About symptoms and Signs Of Drug Addiction

There are many people who experiment with recreational or prescription drugs. They continue to use it without giving a thought about its negative consequences. There are many drug rehab centres Toronto experts suggesting various programmes of recovery and treatment for drug abuse. With the consumption of these substances they either feel good or stop feeling bad. Once they start consuming these substances, they are unable to control the use of that substance. Drug addiction help centres are a great hope for families losing their loved ones.


Signs and Symptoms of Drug Addiction

  • Regular Consumption of substance and cannot stop

There are so many cases of nicotine, alcohol or drug dependence in which at least one serious attempt was made to give up, but unsuccessfully.

  • Symptoms of Withdrawing

The patient shows physical and mood-related symptoms if body levels of that substance go below a certain level which the patient has. The patient will experience cravings, bouts of moodiness, bad temper, poor concentration, a feeling of being depressed and empty, frustrated, aggressiveness, and seek isolation.

  • Appetite may Increase

Insomnia is one of the very common symptoms of withdrawal. In many cases, the patient may suffer from constipation or diarrhoea. Withdrawal from some substances can trigger violence, trembling, schizophrenic problems such as hallucinations, and sweats.

  • Consumption of Drugs Despite Health Issues

The individual continues consumption of the substance regularly, even if they have developed illnesses linked to it. For instance, a smoker may continue to smoke even after having lung related problems or a heart condition.

  • Giving up Social Activities

    Addicts have to give up sometimes many social activities because of an addiction to something. For instance, a smoker may avoid meeting up with friends in a smoke-free pub or restaurant.

  • Loosing interest in Hobbies and Activities

The individual getting addicted to drugs may lose interest in the activities which he/she used to enjoy a lot. Such as smokers who find themselves too weak to cope physically to take participation in his/her favourite sport.

  • Risk taking Behaviour Increase

    Addicted individuals usually hold risk taking behaviour in order to obtain that substance. They indulge themselves in illegal activities such as stealing or trading sex for money/drugs. And under the influence of such drugs they engage in risky activities such as drunk driving.

Drug addicted individuals show so many symptoms as loosing interest in their hobbies and many other social activities. There is a need to pay proper attention on a drug addicted person as they get involved in risky activities such as stealing or rash driving. To deal with drug addicted person, it is important for you to know – how it usually develops, what are the symptoms of drug addiction. This will help you better cope with the person and situation.

“Freedom Addiction” delivers effective drug abuse treatment programmes. We provide group support, drug awareness and more activities. Our experts do counselling for the individual and the members of the family on how to behave and cope with the patient.


How Counseling Helps in Breaking the Chains of Drug Addiction?

Drug addiction now days most common problem among the youth. To deal with the situation many programs are in action to get the addicts on right track. There are many freedom from addiction reviews showing how drug rehab centers have assisted the addicts in attaining a sober lifestyle. Physical dependence on drugs is not as dangerous as Opioid addiction. Even after detox, when physical dependence is cured, addicts are usually at high risk for relapse. Social and psychological factors always act as a powerful stimulus for prescription drug abuse relapse:

  • Stress, especially sudden life stresses

  • Hidden hints in the environment, like to visit a neighborhood

  • Social networks, such as spending time with friends who continue to use drugs

These factors can result in irresistible urge to use drugs. Prescription drug abuse counseling helps addicts prevent craving and also help them to learn to cope with life, without using drugs.


There are various counseling therapies which are available for prescription drug abuse, but no single method is known to be the best. The right drug abuse treatment plan is employed to a person’s addiction and on the basis of his or her individual needs. Many freedom from addiction aurora doctors are expert in counseling and conducting therapies.

  • Group vs. Individual Therapy

Each counseling therapy for drug abuse treatment is better in its own way. However, group therapy is usually preferred over individual therapy. In group therapy, an addicted person is more likely to be both supported and challenged by his peers who are also going through drug rehab. A twelve-step programs like Narcotics Anonymous are the most popular group therapy organizations.

Whereas, individual therapy can be helpful in the case where the individual is suffering from co-existing depression, bipolar disorder, or any mental health condition that requires treatment in its own way, separate from the opioid addiction.

  • Residential vs. Outpatient Treatment

In residential therapy, the addicted person is allowed to temporarily escape the environment which allowed him or her to use drugs. A person is provided with specialized facility for a period of weeks to months. Residential drug abuse treatment programs are costly, usually costing tens of thousands of dollars.

In Outpatient programs, treatment are the usual settings for the ongoing instructed drug abuse treatment.

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

In Cognitive behavioral therapy a person is taught how to recognize thoughts, moods and situations which result in drug craving. A therapist assists the person on how to avoid these triggers, and convert negative thoughts and feelings into the ones which are healthier.

The skills which an individual learned in cognitive behavioural therapy can last for a lifetime, as it is a potentially powerful method of drug abuse treatment. But, not all therapists are trained in cognitive behavioural therapy techniques due to its complexity. Therapies and various treatment programs are employed on the basis of the individual mental condition and on the basis of his/her needs.

“Freedom Addiction” is one of the leading recovery homes for drug addicts. Our experienced and skilled doctors offer excellent services and facilities for drug addicts. We render counseling sessions and various therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy, medical detox etc helping addicts getting out of their agony.

12 Step Program An Effective Alcohol Addiction Treatment Providing Freedom From Addiction

Alcoholic Anonymous is generally abbreviated as A, it is an excellent 12 step program that has helped a number of people over the year in quitting alcohol. The program lay an emphasis on religion, God and spirituality but the program can be modified according to the patient. Numerous skilled therapist of alcohol addiction treatment industry are of the view that alcohol and drugs can ruin the life of the individual.

AA is highly confidential and all the participants are not allowed to disclose things outside the group. Similar to liquor there is a program designed for the people who are addicted to drugs. According to the proficient therapist of the cocaine addiction treatment industry, Narcotics anonymous is a 12 step treatment for the drug addicts which is based on the alcoholic anonymous model. Due to a large number of people consume alcohol, the dependency for the program in increasing.

First Step Of The Treatment

The first thing is the acceptance of the problem by patient. If the individual is not ready to admit it, they may not be able to get the help they require. There are chances that they may return to drinking easily. Realizing that there is a problem and facing it can be tough, but making the person aware of it is also necessary.

Second Step

In this step developing the hope that the person will be available to return to a healthy living by quitting alcohol. It may involve diverting them toward God, spirituality and meditation.

Third Step

The participant is liberal to accept the spirituality and religion according to the comfort and choice. This can help them to coop up in an effective way.

word-cloud-4-e1342276443218Fourth Step

One of the vital step after accepting problem is admitting faults. Each and every participant is required to examine their past and present to find out any faults committed by them. Then try to fix them.

Fifth Step

All the participants go through the process of accepting and realizing wrong deed done by them. As knowing and admitting things are two different concepts.

Six Step

Accepting things and realizing that it’s time to change. Making them realizing the responsibility for the changes is done in this step.

Seventh Step

An emphasis on healing, prayers, hope and meditation is then done in this step.

Eight Step

In this step making plan to bring back the life of the individual on the track .

Ninth and tenth steps

In ninth step making an apology for the mistakes is the motive of this step. Finding the difficulty in quitting alcohol and helping them to have a healthy lifestyle is the main aim of tenth step.

Last Two Steps

In the eleventh step making the individual believing that God is there to help them and to make their life better. In the last step, we try to communicate the experience of the individual during the treatment with another.

Freedom From Addiction” is one of the drug and alcohol recovery homes offering innovative and customized programs to their clients. They have skilled and experienced therapist.

How Can Emotional Recovery Help In Getting Freedom From Addiction Of Drugs ?

One of the major reasons why people rely on drugs is emotional issues. Emotional recovery is the internal part of a recovery program. In this the emotional issues are dug to find the root cause of addiction. According to the various proficient counselors of drug addiction help aurora industries, person centered therapy is the essential step for the recovery of the patient emotionally. It is prominent for the person to deal with their emotions so that they don’t dazed out emotional issues through drugs.

If the addiction is not out of emotional factor, they won’t continue for a long period. With the help of numerous freedom from addiction reviews, the doctors concluded that the addiction may stem from undissolved trauma that may encompass sexual, emotional, psychological, physical abuse. All this may lead to post-traumatic stress disorder. Personal or group counseling can help the patient in a positive way.

Discover Your Inner Side

It’s important to be yourself, knowing your own desires, likes or dislikes, having your own beliefs and rules, eating food of your own choice, doing activities that you want to do, hanging out with your friends to your favorite place. This all will help in exploring your new side.

Love Others And Being Loved By Others

Being loved and loving others are two instincts of human nature. The person feels more happy, satisfied, live a longer life in a meaningful way. It is important on the emotional front to involve others in their daily plans.

AddictionHave Control Over Your Mind

One of the root causes of distress is the negative thoughts that keep on coming into our mind. Thinking about something that do not provide any positive thing is equal to serving distress to yourself. Someone who can control your thought is you.

Leave Your Past Behind

It is essential to realize your past mistakes and not to repeat them in future. Anxious sweat, nightmare, sudden sadness or anger are some common reactions due to distress from the past. We must try to move on in our life.

Deal With Circumstances

Circumstance affects our behavior and life in a major way. Emotional, relationship, professional and health circumstances matter a lot. Some situations are beyond our control and some in control. One can take steps that can help in improving the circumstances like reduce the intake of calories, divorce, change our careers. We tend to feel emotionally better by improving the situation.

Freedom From Addiction” is a rehab center that helps in detoxing clients from methadone and suboxone dependency. There are programs like emotional recovery, care program, residential treatment and group counseling. Recovery begins when you realize your inner core problems and strength, our experts can help you in doing so.